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Form sections
Use this form to create a calendar task.
Save button
Updates the information for this task.
Reset button
Reverts all values back to what was last saved.
Basic information section
Use this section to specify general information about the task.
The task description as you want to see it on the calendar and in any reminders.
Task state
The status of the task.
Completed on
The date on which the task was completed. For each field, choose the value you want.
Starts at
The start date and time for the task. For each field, choose the value you want.
Due at
The due date for the task, if applicable. For each field, choose the value you want. If there is no specific due date, do not change these fields.
The background color for this task on the calendar. You may want to color code certain tasks. For example, you could give all personal tasks a pink background.
To select a standard color, click it. To create a custom color, adjust the red, green, and blue values.
The type of task. Choose a category at the first field or type your own category in the second field, if desired.
Tasks with Normal sensitivity are seen by others who may have access to view the calendar. Depending on calendar permissions, tasks with any other sensitivity may show only the time when viewed by others. With this exception, sensitivity works just as it does for messages.
Tasks with Urgent priority will appear in bold on calendars.
You can attach a file to this calendar task form just as you would to a message.
Reminders section
Use this section to generate reminders of the task before the start and due dates.
Generate reminders
Generates reminders of the task.
Time before start and due dates
How long before the start and due dates to generate reminders.
Choose a value at the first field or type your own value in the second field. If you do not specify a unit, such as minutes or days, FirstClass assumes hours.